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The book with no pictures

The Book with No Pictures - B.J. Novak

Normally I don’t do reviews for e-books, but I really wanted to read B.J.Novaks (Mindy Kalings BFF and writer/actor on the American version of the Office) children’s book The Book With No Pictures. So I applied (via bloggers required) and was selected. I’m so glad I was. This book is incredibly cute and funny and when I was reading it I could just imagine my friends little girl giggling away (made me chuckle a few times too). The title is completely honest, there are no pictures. However, the magic of books with words in them is that you have to read the words and when reading with a child you have to read out loud. B.J. (I feel I can call him that now as we’re obviously meant to be friends) cleverly plays on this, making the adult read out funny sentences and words, which will delight children of any age (and some adults too). You try saying ‘I am a monkey that taught myself to read’ and keep a straight face!