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Firstly the book itself is gorgeous, bright and brilliantly illustrated, the front cover is tactile with the Legends scales picked out, and makes you want to stroke it (maybe that’s just me!).

The mist covered town of Darkmouth rarely has visitors (unless they’re lost), which is rather unsurprising really, considering the continual invasion of Legends. Which is not quite as fun as it seems, think Minotaurs, Manticores and other fang baring beasts, no sign of a friendly Pegasus here. It’s up to Finns Dad the resident Legend Hunter to vanquish (or rather dessicate) these beasts, and keep the town safe. All whilst training his somewhat reluctant son to become the last ever Legend Hunter, no pressure then.

Finn is a funny and sympathetic main character, who has a wholly believable relationship with his father. Always in his well meaning fathers shadow, Finn doesn’t particularly want to go chasing Legends. Danger, loss of limbs, impending doom, who can blame him? Secretly he wants to help people, like his mum (a dentist) and become a vet, just don’t tell his Dad.

When new girl Emmie (clever and brave) and her dad move to town, things seem to be looking up, well as much as they can be when you’re under constant threat from mythical beasts and keep tripping over your dessicator. At least Emmie likes him, but are her and her dad all that they seem?

Rather more importantly will Finn be able to save the day? Or at least work out why Darkmouth is the only village left with Legends? Whilst avoiding being scratched, beaten and breaking his bones, and that’s just at school. Maybe he had better start panicking.